About the Owner, Randy Hayes

Randy Hayes is the Owner and Creative Lead at Cross-eyed Studio

Leading worship in Bali, Indonesia in June 2015

“Everything is a musical instrument” -Randy Hayes (not an actual quote, but definitely inferred by the way he is always making sounds)

Here are some fast facts about Randy

  • A vocalist who met his wife in singing ministry group in college
  • A guitarist, with a preference for Fender Stratocasters and Taylor acoustics
  • Always a musical drummer and a struggling keyboardist
  • Loves to make and learn about synthesizer music
  • Growing up in Siler City, he learned to love audio recording while playing with cassette recorders, record players, cart machines, and reel-to-reels in the production room at his dad’s radio station WNCA
  • Did his college internship at the now-defunct Sonic Wave Recording Studios in Raleigh, NC, complete with 24-track, 2-inch reel-to-reel
  • Voice-over artist
  • Married since 1998 with six wonderful and musical kids
  • Serves as a worship leader at Crossview Alliance Church in Fayetteville, NC
  • Holds an Avixa CTS-D certification for the audiovisual industry

Here are some even faster facts about what he likes

  • Jesus
  • The Bible
  • Espresso
  • Korg
  • Neal Morse
  • Joel Hanson
  • Phil Keaggy
  • Chiptune
  • Jurassic Park
  • History
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Crafts
  • Laughter