Music Mixing and Mastering

Cross-eyed Studio can elevate your music from “project” to “production” with first class mixing and mastering.

You’ve done your tracking, you’ve already got a pretty good mix going.  But is your high-pass filter gain running a balanced signal to the parametric equalizer envelope so that your VCA will impedance-match the compression ratio on all your vocal comps? Have you checked the gain reduction meter on your plate reverb to verify it’s quantized at 44.1 kHz down the VST sidechain automation lane of the multiband harmonic exciter through your outboard control surface? Is your RMS meter at unity for red book format? Is even one of your decibels logarithmic?! What?!


Not to worry. Cross-eyed Studio will rescue you from the alphabet soup that has drowned many a well-meaning musician.  All the crazy shop talk has a meaning and an application to make your music sound as great as it should. But besides making your music sound awesome, one of the most enjoyable things about working with Cross-eyed Studio is the opportunity to learn something new along the way.

Whether you are releasing your project to audio CD with custom track index labels and crossfades between songs, or you’re putting out a single for online distribution channels, Cross-eyed Studio is here to help make you stand out among the crowd.  Contact the studio to find out why artists have chosen us since 1999 to mix and master their recording projects.