Voice-over performance and production is a great challenge — and is also a blast

No matter the accent, style, age, gender, or budget, Cross-eyed Studio can provide the read you need. We have lent our voices to everything from television commercials to video games, and now we would love to become a part of your brand as well.

Voice-over requires the very best of many creative and technical disciplines:

  • Acting and interacting with empathy
  • Having access to a consistently quiet, nearly-anechoic, and comfortable place to record
  • Understanding proper application of gain structure from tracking through equalization, compression, and peak limiting
  • Being a whiz at editing and making fixes
  • Being available right now
  • And being able to do it all again in a month when script changes inevitably happen, and fit it seamlessly into the existing material

Sound impossible? We make it happen every day!

Check out Randy Hayes’ artist profile on Voices

Take a listen to some samples from our archives:

SPARKcon promo video music and voice-over

Imperium Multiplayer Game introduction voice-over and sound design